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Experience & Integrity

With 33 years of experience in commercial real estate, helping start-ups, legal offices, non-profit organizations and established companies, Eric Van Hofwegen is a broker with the interests of his clients at heart. Eric aims to provide clarity and knowledge to all of his clients, helping them understand their options and the range of spaces available along with the pros and cons they present. As a broker and an individual, Eric Van Hofwegen looks to guide his clients and provide them with all the information they need so that they can make an informed decision.


A Broker that can Guide you with a Thorough and Careful Process

Eric Van Hofwegen works on a timeline with each client to help them save time and money with a process that works for them. Starting with a review of the goals and the direction that you want to take he will then navigate you through the complete process, all the way to the end plus help you afterwards with any lease or landlord issues. From point A to point Z, Eric will facilitate the process and assure the best possible lease for you, while providing total transparency through each phase

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I do not believe in changing your decision, I simply take a decision and make it right

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